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Awasiya Bal Pratiyogita Niketan

To eradicate the problem of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, inflation, hunger, disappointment etc. there is only one way and that is good education. An education that teach us good culture, gives employment and balanced life. To provide such exemplary education ABPN school was established on 26 January 1990. Since 29 years this school helped more than five thousand(5000) students to pass in different competitive examination(such as Sainik School, Simultala, Military School, BHU, Nayodya Vidyalaya, Netarhat and Hazaribag).

This school also provides hostel so that students can help each other to become expert in everything. Hundreds of students from Bihar and Jharkhand live in the hostel. The School is affiliated to Bihar Board up to 8th class. The school culture encourages students to innovate and take risks when developing new ideas and considering solutions to problems. At ABPN, Students are prepared not just for exams but for life itself to become conscious and contributing members of society, proactive agents of change, builders of peace and co-existence and upholders of high moral values.

Aim & Objective !

The aim of the school is to produce such a citizen, who will be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and independent, he has the feeling of respect to his civilization, culture and traditions, as well as he has to become such a modern, well disciplined and patriot citizen.

To lay down the foundation for the development of complete personality of its students by adopting all possible methods of rigorous child development.

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Principal Message

Mr. Ramvinay Singh

We attempt to give our children tools that they need to navigate this world and face its challenges. We want to prepare them to lead a meaningful life by laying deep and everlasting moral and academic foundation.

We work closely with students, staff, parents and society to help our children stretch academically to reach the zenith.

Director Message

Mrs. Ramita Sinha

We provide the students with a safe, secure, stimulating and supportive environment where they can be themselves and thrive academically. We create supportive classrooms where children are able to ask questions, express their ideas, be involved in classroom discussion and understand the meaning of education to excel and achieve.

Our Core Values

Providing an educational environment that creates passion for children to achieve their goals. So that they become successful in their lives. Become a good citizen, through the principles of traditional values of prepared, sympathetic, disciplined and related. Through the Achievements of our Students Our Mission is to Make Awasiya Bal Pratiyogita Niketan Established at National Level.

The aim of this school is to make their students Respected Citizens. So that, they make their dreams come true by achieving success in the respective schools of the country and territories (such as Sathyan, Mimlari, Masultala, Netrhat, Haribagh, Navodaya, BHU, Vanthali Vidyalay etc.) through this School.

We believe that teachers are the torch bearers for the students. The teachers are selected from different states of India on the basis of their qualification , experience and effectiveness. Strong command over English and Computer application is mandatory.

ABPN is a vibrant and wholesome Indian model of a Public School for Pre-Primary, lower-Primary and upper-Primary Education which is groomed under the guidance and command of leading educationists and experienced teachers.

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